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Termites - More than just a pest

Termites are natures garbage disposals. Their sole purpose is to decompose wood, and they are very efficient and good at what they do! A single termite colony can consist of tens of thousands of nymphs, workers and soldiers all with an insatiable appetite for cellulose, the component in wood that holds it (and your home) together.  Termite colonies are highly sophisticated, organized, extremely aggressive pests  are great survivors. They hide in plain sight, hollowing the wood from the inside out until nothing is left.

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Looking for a termite inspection for a real estate transaction?  Call us today and we will provide the inspection and all relative paperwork within 48 hours of your call.

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Real Estate Transactions

Termite inspections are only as good as the inspector. We have over 15 years of real estate partnerships proving a reliable and accurate history of transactions. If you are a real estate agent in need of a quick, no-hassle termite inspection and clearance, look no further. We guarantee a 48 hour turnaround process from initial phone call to clearance.

Pre-construction and preventative treatments

The average cost of termite treatments and damage is over $3,000.00! Homeowners insurance is no help - in fact, most homeowners insurance policies specifically exclude termite treatments and repairs in their coverage. The ONLY way to ensure termites are not a threat to your home and finances is a preventative treatment before the foundation is poured. We can treat the soil of the footprint of your future home as well as wood framing to ensure years of worry free enjoyment, saving thousands of dollars and countless headaches. 

Home already built? We have you covered. We can install a baiting system around your home to get them before they get you. In extreme cases, we can treat the soil around your home so you know every inch is covered.

Bait systems

Different properties call for different approaches. We offer bait station systems which are strategically placed around the structure and wait for the inevitable hit, thereby avoiding a liquid injection around the home. 

liquid barrier

For the best coverage, liquid barriers are the only choice. This provides a full barrier surrounding the entire structure which the termites will inevitably come into contact with. As they are unable to detect the barrier, they will become infected and directly deliver the lethal dose to the rest of the colony.